Health Care

Health Care

We help underprivileged children and individuals battling with cancer, tuberculosis, other life threatening medical conditions with life savings drugs.

We provide financial aid and sponsor medicines to support weaker and below poverty line or unemployed individuals who are battling with life threatening illness.

Our volunteers personal keep a track the output while we help the individual with medicare for a longer term.

Donations for Health Care

If you wish to contact us for volunteering opportunities with us or to contribute, in-kind support for any of the following cause Child Education, Old Age Homes, Health Care and Food & Toiletries please write to use at
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Shri Ram College of Commerce located at Bhandup (W) has 80% students belonging to first generation learners and majorly are under privileged.

There was a major fire in Mar-23 where lots of furniture along with equipments were burnt to ashes. They have recovered from that position, but still are in need of below stuff.
1. Sanitary pad vending machine (50 capacity) – 18k
2. Sanitary pad dispense machine (100 capacity) – 20k
3. Aquaguard water purifier (7L storage) – 10k

You all must have planned trips with family and friends, wardrobe shopping, and other investments to secure your future. A few thousand rupees can help us arrange this wholesome amount. Donate with an open heart to save a life and share this in your contacts too.

Child Education

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Health Care

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Food & Toiletries

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